Royal Museums for Fine Arts

Symposium 28/2

On February 28th, IN/FINITY, KMSKB and VUB host an international conference on innovative and inclusive practices in arts and health for professional art and health workers and researchers.  In the morning various keynote speakers will give an overview of current state of the field, its discourse, methodologies and good practices.  In the afternoon we will open up the debate with thematic inspiration tables that each address a key question/topic that is very actual/relevant in the arts and health field.

The morning program is open to everyone while the afternoon program has limited availability and is mainly aimed at professionals who are already active within the ‘arts and health’ field.

Download symposium brochure with all info here

Admission: 5€ (+ optional lunch: 15€)

Date and Time: February 28th, 9am-4pm

Address: Fine Arts Museum Brussels, Museumstraat, 1000 Brussels

registration: get your ticket here

send an email with your name and function to if you also wish to register to the afternoon program.





9:15 Introduction

9:20 Prof. Dr. Norma Daykin (University of Winchester, UK / Tampere University, FI)
General overview international field and discourse art and care

9:55 Julie Rodeyns (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Matchbox vzw)
The relational in art. Explanations and arguments in favour of the importance of a deeper dialogue between art/artist and the patient as equals

10:30 Pause

10:45 Mari Linnman (3-CA, New Patrons)
The importance and role of mediation and the mediator in a collaboration between art and care

11:20 Marie-Suzanne Gilleman en Isabel Vermote (RMFAB, Musée-sur-Mesure – Museum-op-Maat). Art and care in dialogue : How can we connect vulnerable target groups and the museum world? Some recent practical examples within the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

12:00 Nigel Hartley (CEO Earl Mountbatten Hospice, ex-London Lighthouse)
Practical hands on/methodology on how to introduce art in care centres

12:40  Lunch

13:30 Debate moderated by Anna Ledgard (ArtsAdmin,  arts/health producer, UK) on the challenges of collaboration between the arts and care sector

14:00 Thematic dialogue tables where all participants work together on various questions.  The results of these tables will be published in a digital publication that will be distributed to the larger community.

16:00 End of symposium