Through Art We Care’ is an inspirational month where art meets healthcare and back…

Recently there has been quite a lot of buzz around ways art could be beneficial to our well being.  Medical study after study analysed the healing powers of ‘the arts’ as if they were the new penicilline… but where does that leave the arts, the artists, their diversity and their ephemeral and unique qualities that simply can’t be quantified.

Therefore “Trough Art We Care” wants to formulate answers to how we can create an honest and inclusive dialogue between the professional arts and the healthcare field.  This month we’ll present the results of our partners’ research and practice of the past 3 years.  During this upcoming month we’ll document/present some of these projects with a conference, an exhibition, a book launch, various performances and workshops.



 “Through Art We Care” is an initiative of IN/FINITY in collaboration with Topaz, The Royal Museums of Fine Arts Brussels (KMSKB), The Free University of Brussels (VUB), Kaaitheater and De Markten, with support of the ‘Kunstendecreet’ of the Flemish Government.